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 New recruitment app for Darba Erim

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New recruitment app for Darba Erim Empty
MessageSujet: New recruitment app for Darba Erim   New recruitment app for Darba Erim Icon_minitimeDim Mai 03, 2009 1:00 am

1. How did you hear about us and are you aware of the requirements of flying within Providence and CVA space ?

I am not aware of your requirements as I have not had the pleasure of flying in Providence or with CVA. I have flown in large alliances in the past and can most definately follow the rules.

I found by searching the forums and picking out corps that seemed to fit my style.

2. What is your motivation to join our corporation, in what way do you think you can help us ?

From what I have seen of your corporation you seem to fit my style and CVA fits my requirements. Basically I am looking for a corp that can help me grow in aspects of the game that I have as yet not explored. I dont believe that griefing or smack talk in local is appropriate and more importantly, I have declared a personal war on the goons.

My toon stradles the line between pvp and industrial. As such, I can bring a diverse and multi-role set of talents to the team. There are only 2 ships that I cant fly (galante that is) which are the Titan and command ship. I also have the appropriate skills to fly the carrier (repping, triage, Drone Control Units etc) as well as the Rorqual (mining director, links etc). I prefer not to lead, but have done so in a pinch (FC, POS guns etc).

3. To better know you, we would like for you to describe yourself both IG and IRL. (a small history of your ex-corps and personnal achievements would be welcome for veteran players.)

In RL I am a free lance Business Intelligence Analyst. I take raw data from various sources such as stores, markets, data warehouses etc. and produce reports from that data that is used in sales teams and market analysis. In a nut shell, Im the guy that tells Clorox to put their bleach on the cleaning isle at eye level and then I back it up with data.

In game I tend to be quiet. This is mainly because I can play from my office at work. Many times you may find me in an ice field mining all day while I am at my RL job. When I am not at work playing I get involved as much as is permitted. I prefer to stay out of politics and will most definately X-up for defence. I am not afraid to take the jobs others seem to avoid. For instance, I dont mind being the scout, Hictor or logistics pilot in a roaming gang. I will also pass on any and all that I have learned from the game to whoever wants or needs the info.

In the past I have flown with Sturmgrenadier, Inc (when they were part of the RISE alliance). I left Sturmgrenadier because my job pulled me away for a couple months out of the country. When I came back I hooked up with a couple friends in GenX. Unfortunately, they joined ShadowOfDeath alliance. As you may know SOD is friendly to GOONs but I stuck it out for a bit because of the friendship to my corpmates. Finally I decided I needed to follow my heart and leave the corp to leave the alliance.

When I was with GenX I held a position on the board of directors with full rights. I can definately appreciate the extra work you guys put in on making the corp work.

4. How old are you ?

- Ahem- 50

5. What is your usual game style and do you intend to actively role play ?

My game style somewhat depends on if I am playing from work , where I must sometimes be AFK, or if I am actively playing at the keyboard. When I am online and actively playing I role play.

6. Are you an organised person and do you like to lead, are you creative ?

I can lead but prefer to be a soldier for the cause. I have no problem picking up the reins and being a secondary or tertiary target caller if needed. If the normal leader of a gang gets podded back to empire I can easily pick up the ball and get us all home or finish the mission.

I must stress though, I prefer to let others showcase their leadership talents.

As far as creativity goes, the simple answer is yes, I am creative. I have built websites, designed marketing and have produced small movie clips/trailers etc. In fact I currently have an eve movie-ette in the works.

7. What is your gaming experience and is EvE your first MMORPG ?

Eve is my first official MMORPG. I have played MUDs in the distant past. I started playing Eve in early 2003 but then took a break for a bit and started a new toon. I have also played WoW for a couple years as well as Guildwars, SWG and City of Heroes/Villians.

8. Do you know members of PLDN, if yes, who ?


9. Are you an adept of forums and do you like writing ?

I like to put in my 2 cents on issues and yes, I am very adept at forums.

Well, thats about it. Please dont hesitate to ask any questions (I put my characters name in the subject line)or even ask around about me. I have no enemies and am typically liked by most everyone I come across.
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New recruitment app for Darba Erim
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