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 Recruitment - Rath Krandor

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Rath Krandor

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Join date : 01/03/2009
Age : 33
Location : Platteville, WI

Recruitment - Rath Krandor Empty
MessageSujet: Recruitment - Rath Krandor   Recruitment - Rath Krandor Icon_minitimeDim Mar 01, 2009 4:28 am

1. How did you hear about us and are you aware of the requirements of flying within Providence and CVA space ?

I first heard about CVA from FanFest 2008, and afterwords I started to research what corporations were members of CVA. That was how I found out about Paladin Imperium. In regards to the requirements for flying within CVA space, that is one of the primary reasons that I decided to apply, I already follow the NRDS policy, and when ever I give my word on something I always follow through on what I said I'd do.

2. What is your motivation to join our corporation, in what way do you think you can help us ?

My motivation for joining Paladin Imperium is to further my growth and to join a distinguished alliance. What I'm bringing that can help is a focused character who has 13.1 million skillpoints, all focused on using Amarr ships. Most of my skill points are in spaceship command, gunnery and engineering. I can fly any Amarr T1 ship from Frigate to Battleship, and have basic Freighter skills, and for T2 ships I can fly Assault Frigs, Electronic Attack Ships, Heavy Assault Ships, Covert Ops, Stealth Bombers, Recon Ships, and Transport Ships.
For fitting a ship, I am currently boosting my missile skills and focusing initially on getting T2 Pulse lasers, of which I already have Small Pulse specialization. Otherwise, baring tackle duty and shield tanking, I can use most T2 gear while when fitting a ship.

3. To better know you, we would like for you to describe yourself both IG and IRL.

In game, I'm an adaptable person, who enjoys working with others to achieve a common goal. I also think outside the box when facing new challenges. Overall, I'm combat orientated but enjoy a filling a variety of roles. Other than mission running in my previous corps, I was a hauler on mining ops.

In real life, I'm a 23 year old college student, who is going for a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. When I'm not playing Eve, I'm active in two organizations on campus, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Platteville Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honor Society. I call Wisconsin, USA home.

4. How old are you ?

I am currently 23 years old.

5. What is your usual game style and do you intend to actively role play ?

To date, my play style has been all PvE, but I am looking to take part in more PvP opportunities. For role play, I am looking forward for the opportunity this will provide.

6. Are you an organized person and do you like to lead, are you creative ?

I am an organized person, as for my leadership ability, I can lead if needed, just never had the chance to and I would need some instruction before leading anyone near a combat zone. My creativity comes in spurts, most days I don't claim an ounce of creativity, and other days I can't stop forming new ideas.

7. What is your gaming experience and is EvE your first MMORPG ?

EvE is my first MMORPG that I have had the opportunity to play, mainly due to the fact that I knew others that were active in game.

8. Do you know members of PLDN, if yes, who ?

The only ones that I know are the ones that I have spoken with in game, Inora Sera, and Charles Kuralt.

9. Are you an adept of forums and do you like writing ?

I follow forums, but I am often a passive viewer, simply because someone else usually posts something similar to my thoughts before I can.
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Recruitment - Rath Krandor
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