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 Recruitment - Volar Kang

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Volar Kang

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MessageSujet: Recruitment - Volar Kang   Recruitment - Volar Kang Icon_minitimeSam Fév 07, 2009 12:27 am

OK, here goes... Laughing

1. How did you hear about us and are you aware of the requirements of flying within Providence and CVA space ?

I flew with SYLPH for several months in 2008. SYLPH was going through a tough patch and several corps left including mine (Spartan Fleet Systems) and the Eve Defense Force. I was loyal to my corp and followed them up North but it didnt take them long until they decided to change and become low-sec pirates. I quit the corp and have been in the starter corp ever since. I flew on several ops with CVA during my time in SYLPH and know CVA to be a fun and honorable group. I am aware of the requirements of flying in Providence.

2. What is your motivation to join our corporation, in what way do you think you can help us ?

I have two accounts, both of them have 20 million SP chars as mains. One char (Volar) is a miner/industrialist while the other is combat oriented. To be honest, while my one char has 20 million SPs with most of those being in combat skills, I have almost no experience in PVP. I have been on 0.0 OP's before but most of the time they have just been flying around or waiting with not much happening. I just dont want to give you the impression that I am some great PVP pilot. I am more than willing to learn though.

I am self sufficient and highly motivated. I can be of help in all areas of EVE and I have no problem participating in OP's as long as I have some advance notice and can schedule them into my day. I also am interested in getting into a bit of RP.

3. To better know you, we would like for you to describe yourself both IG and IRL. (a small history of your ex-corps and personnal achievements would be welcome for veteran players.)

I had several breaks in my career with Eve. The first corp I joined was Odessa industries and I was too much of a noob t ask about what time zone they played in. I was in there for only a few days by the time I realized they were ALL on EU time and I would not ever be on when they were. I left the corp after talking with them and figuring this all out.

Next I joined General Miners and had a great time. The CEO was VanDuran and he would be willing to vouch for me. I was in that corp for many months and I liked the people but I got tired of mining in empire week after week. We tried to have activities but never got enough corp participation. I started losing interest in Eve and VanDuran suggested I look into a 0.0 corp for more fun. He knew his corp was not turning out to be what either of us wanted and he was a good CEO and cared about his friends.

I looked around and found a corp in FREGE called the United Federation of Planets. They signed me up and then dropped me because they forgot to check my references. After they checked me out they let me back in and I moved up to their 0.0 space. It was the most miserable experience of my gaming life. I couldnt tank the rats to mine, my corp had no OP's, our space was always being invaded by rival alliances. I tried mining with other corps and made some friends but they were not allowed to recruit me since I was a member of the alliance. The station had little of the things I needed and the things it did have were ridiculously priced. The pipe to empire was 17 jumps long and was very dangerous. It wasnt long before I realized the FREGE was not being run very well and my corp was not very good. I left just 4 or 5 weeks after joining up.

I free lanced for a while and then came across Spartan Fleet Systems. I moved to SYLPH space with them upon joining and had a great time. I became their HR director and recruited 2 to 3 pilots per week with many of them staying in the corp for months. I loved the area, the rats and by then I was better able to tank the rats and mine for myself. I flew in some OP's with CVA and was very impressed with those I flew with. Just as I was having the best time in-game, my CEO and some others were mad about something and decided to leave SYLPH. I almost left the corp but decided to be faithful and stay. Within a month or two they decided to become low-sec pirates and I quit the corp.

I quit the game for a few months after that but came back and have just been doing the freelance thing since I have been back. I have been looking for a corp on the forums and doing a lot of research and I just found a post from your corp dated back from January 14th and was very excited to hear CVA was recruiting.

In RL I am 42 years old with kids. I am an assistant professor at a State University in Ohio USA. I teach the Microsoft coursework. I just became a professor this year, prior to 2009 I was the Director of IT for a large medical foundation. Sometimes I play everyday of the week and other times I get busy and can not log on for a week. I am not really interested in the drama of BOB and GOON. I am much happier with the idea of helping a corp to hold its space and show the other people playing the game how powerful a group of determined pilots can be. I am not a big poster on the forums. I usually only post when I need the answer to something. I am a very easy going kind of guy and I love to laugh and have fun.

4. How old are you ?


5. What is your usual game style and do you intend to actively role play ?

I solo a lot, I like to play when I can. I am always thinking of things to do in the game and I dont have an issue jumping in and doing them. i would really like to become involved in RP. I played D&D Onlice a while and was with an RP Guild and had a lot of fun.

6. Are you an organised person and do you like to lead, are you creative ?

I am very organized and also creative. I enjoy a challenge. I have no problem leading if I am familiar with the subject matter. For example, I could lead a mining OP for you but i would be hesitant to lead a PVP OP.

7. What is your gaming experience and is EvE your first MMORPG ?

I have played a ton of MOO's: UO, SWG, WOW, GW, CoH/CoV, and Earth and Beyond.

8. Do you know members of PLDN, if yes, who ?

No, not yet Smile

9. Are you an adept of forums and do you like writing ?

I dont mind writing, it comes fairly natural to me. If you mean using forums then yes, if you mean creating and modifing forums then NO.
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Inora Sera
Inora Sera

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Recruitment - Volar Kang Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Recruitment - Volar Kang   Recruitment - Volar Kang Icon_minitimeDim Fév 08, 2009 11:52 am

Hello Volar!

Welcome to our forums, tanks for answering all those questions Smile
Should hear from either me or Charles as soon as we can get a hold of ya IG ^^

Seeya !

Recruitment - Volar Kang Issig10
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Recruitment - Volar Kang
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