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MessageSujet: Recruitment   Recruitment Icon_minitimeLun Déc 22, 2008 9:23 pm

1. How did you hear about us and are you aware of the requirements of flying within Providence and CVA space ? I heard about you in the EVE recruitment forums.

2. What is your motivation to join our corporation, in what way do you think you can help us ? I really, really hate Pirates, and think even if I'm kind of new, that I might eventually learn a lot about combat and actually useful.

3. To better know you, we would like for you to describe yourself both IG and IRL. (a small history of your ex-corps and personnal achievements would be welcome for veteran players.) Not much to say in-game. I basically started about a year ago, and haven't really played until I got an email from CCP a while ago asking me to come back, about a five-month blank period... Out of game, I'm a junior in high school in Southwest Kansas.

4. How old are you ? Sixteen. I was born in early April, 1992.

5. What is your usual game style and do you intend to actively role play ? Usually, I do missions or incredibly small-scale mining, but I hope I would pick up on pvp combat pretty quickly.

6. Are you an organised person and do you like to lead, are you creative ? I am a very organized person, if things aren't organized in my room or in my head, I spend time getting them set right. I try to lead, some of my friends say that I'm a good leader. And as for creativity, I'm more of a mathematician, not an artist. But I do get in fits of creative writing, which is my one artistic strong point.

7. What is your gaming experience and is EvE your first MMORPG ? I'm quite good at FPS and RPGs, I've beaten each of the Final Fantasies. I'm pretty good at platformers, Devil May Cry being a fair example, I think. I like multiplayer games, and I'm constantly trying to get better. I love tactical strategy games, and I think I'm quite good at them. I love the Resident Evil games... All in all, I think I'm a pretty fair gamer, I play most games that catch my fancy, and usually beat them. As for MMO, I'm usually not too intrigued. I kind of hated WoW, and RO was okay for a while. But I adored such games as Oblivion and the like, so such an open-ended game as EVE got me interested. (And the graphics got me aroused, lawl.)

8. Do you know members of PLDN, if yes, who ? I know two, but not very well. I met Sir Kuralt last night, and Inora Sera as well. They gave me a short intro, and I was unable to continue playing, but now...

9. Are you an adept of forums and do you like writing ? I go on quite a few forums, and I usually get into huge, intelligent debates about morality and other things, it's quite fun. And I adore writing, I'm trying to write a book, but of course, with a game like EVE, breathing almost seems like a waste of time...

Thank you for considering me. *bow* I shall be waiting for a response!
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