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 Recruitment - Svetlana Kyresh

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Svetlana Kyresh

Svetlana Kyresh

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Join date : 22/12/2008
Age : 32
Location : Louisiana, USA

Recruitment - Svetlana Kyresh Empty
MessageSujet: Recruitment - Svetlana Kyresh   Recruitment - Svetlana Kyresh Icon_minitimeLun Déc 22, 2008 9:04 pm

1. How did you hear about us and are you aware of the requirements of flying within Providence and CVA space ?

I learned about the Providence region while I was scouring the Eve Online forums for information on where a solitary miner might find access to 0.0 space. I am aware of the necessary precautions and responsibilities of flying with CVA, and I find your policies quite to my liking.

2. What is your motivation to join our corporation, in what way do you think you can help us ?

My main motivation is gaining access to 0.0 mining; I've been chugging away for a while at empire mining. I have heard from your in-game channel that Paladin Imperium is looking to expand its mining/industry section, and I'd be very willing to give back to the Corp in this manner. Also, I'm currently working on skills necessary to fly the Covert Ops Cloaking Device ships, so in time I would be able to serve as a recon agent as well.

3. To better know you, we would like for you to describe yourself both IG and IRL. (a small history of your ex-corps and personnal achievements would be welcome for veteran players.)

My resume as far as past Corp achievements are concerned is pretty bare. In Sublime L.L.C. I remained mostly a casual, independent player since they didn't seem to have any major mining ops. I was also not very versed in -- and I still relatively new at -- PvP gaming. I then joined Core Research Expedition, a corp a little more focused on mining; I participated in some mining operations, but at the time school was really getting rolling, so I participated less and less. Since then, I've found a bit more time, and for the past couple of months I've been contently solo mining in a Mackinaw. I am currently Hulk-capable.

IRL, I'm a senior about to begin my final semester at Tulane University in New Orleans, USA. I'm double majoring in Cell Biology and Music. Academics have slowed down somewhat as the last stretch comes, so I've gotten back into Eve. However, I would still classify myself as a laid-back, casual player; I don't spend 16 hours a day on Eve, but I do enjoy playing very much the 12 or so hours a week I do play.

4. How old are you ?


5. What is your usual game style and do you intend to actively role play ?

I've spent most of my Eve time being a solitary miner focused on getting the bigger, better mining ship; it wasn't long ago that I was a newbie in a mining laser'd Tormentor dreaming of having a Retriever. Smile I can be easily coaxed from that style into mining operations if the ore and social interaction is good.

I have participated in table-top RPGs and online, text-based RPGs, and I enjoyed the experience very much. I would happily take part in the roleplaying experience of CVA/Paladin Imperium.

6. Are you an organised person and do you like to lead, are you creative ?

I am pretty organized IRL and IG. I like to have all my assets in close proximity; I can't stand to look at that screen and see things spread out 10-20 jumps from each other. I am not accustomed naturally to leading; in Vent I usually stay quiet and take orders. I'm a bit more talkative in chat.

Given my past roleplaying experience, I got the opportunity to flex my creative muscle writing coherent character backgrounds and stories, so I'd say I am relatively creative. I'll have to come up with a background for Svetlana soon. Smile

7. What is your gaming experience and is EvE your first MMORPG ?

As far as gaming in general, I have played and very much enjoyed a gamut of genres from FPS to console RPG to Fighting games to War/RTS games. Regarding MMORPGs, I have played a WoW character to 60 (just one character was enough for me :]) and played part-way through Guild Wars. Eve is not my first MMORPG, but it is true I haven't played anything like it before.

8. Do you know members of PLDN, if yes, who ?

Sorry, I have only recently found out about CVA and Providence space. I've only had limited contact in the in-game channel with Charles Kuralt and Spoon Thumb. They're how I found my way here.

9. Are you an adept of forums and do you like writing ?

I have written on multiple forum boards before, though I am mostly practical in forum-perusing; I use them primarily for information and not so much for conversation or discussion.

Though I have often written in school in the past, I can't say I like it too much. However, when I do write, I try to be as clear and organized as I can. I don't enjoy addling my brain trying to make sense out of mindless babble (though I sometimes use 1337 facetiously Razz), so I don't pretend my readers do.
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Recruitment - Svetlana Kyresh
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