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 CVA : Code of Conduct

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CVA : Code of Conduct Empty
MessageSujet: CVA : Code of Conduct   CVA : Code of Conduct Icon_minitimeLun Déc 22, 2008 10:17 am

CVA Code of Conduct

CVA's Primary Goals: are to settle Providence for the Amarr empire."Operation Deliverance" and the defense of Amarrian space should be your main objectives while in the CVA.

CVA is a RP alliance. Any public posting is a reflection of our alliance and should be done in char when necessary. You should not "troll, flame, smack etc" . Be respectful to all others even enemies. Any public posting should be IC unless clearly stated. You are not required to RP but you do need to respect that CVA is a role play alliance.

Morals and Honors:
 CVA members must stick to their word. If you make an agreement you must follow through with it.
 CVA members are not allowed to practice any form of scamming or theft.
 CVA members are not allowed to resell any items, at an increased price that they purchased from another CVA member. Unless agree upon in advance.
 CVA members are not allowed to use, produce, or posess boosters illegal in the Amarr Empire.
 CVA members are not allowed to demand or pay ransom.
 CVA members are not allowed to use login/logout tactics in combat.
 CVA members are not allowed to infiltrate hostile or friendly corps/alliances with alts or mains in order to spy on them and thus gain an advantage over them.
 CVA members are not to accept intel from alt spies. If any pilot offers you intel on hostile groups from an alt character, report them immediately to leadership.
 Any information posted in CVA channels or on CVA forums, must remain inside CVA. When Posting screenshots or videos on any public site, you should cover any sensitive info. i.e. broadcasts, channels, pilot names.

CVA Rules Of Engagement: Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS).
 CVA members must operate 'Not Red Don't Shoot' policy in every system in Eve. Members are not allowed to fire on the Amarr Empire or run missions for the Minimatar Republic. (note: This does not apply to KOS individuals in Faction Warfare.)
 Should a neutral be acting suspiciously around a CVA fleet the Fleet Commander can ask the pilot to move. If no reply in local then a conversation should be attempted. If best effort to contact fails,the termination may be ordered.
 CVA encourages pvp operations. Pilots should not seek hostile activity with distant groups without specific orders from the alliance executor. It is the Fleet Commanders responsiblity to maintain order/clear polices while running gangs. Any incidents occurred while in combat need to be sorted by the FC in question.
 Duels are considered a honorable way to challenge a pilot to combat to test skills or resolve a dispute. If you agree to a duel then it is your responsibility to assure that you do not break your word. A duel must be publicly announced and agreed to by both parties to be official. If the duel is not honored, it is your responsibility to pay for the losses.
 Loot in fights will be given out by the Fleet Commander. Typically loot will be used to try and replace the ships that were lost in the fight.

Access to CVA's resources:
 CVA vent server is open to CVA, Holders and Sylph exclusively. Only vent admins are allowed to give out additional access.
 Jump bridge passwords are only to be given to CVA, Holders and Sylph.
 CVA members are not allowed to leave their ships at a Jump Bridge POS, any ships left at a jump bridge POS may be confiscated by the owning corporations director.

Player Owned Structures:
 POS owners must read and follow the 'CVA POS guide'.
 The placing of POS in any constellation of Providence must go through the constellation manager.

Constellation managers:
CJEVE: Lonewolfnight IG: Aralis ROAL: Jared Chancerider
TLOS: Equinox Daedalus AMDEF: Takal Cylotar PXF: Miljoko
AM: Soratah -7-: Furious Pig LFA: Seering Darkness STEEL: evilPHish
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CVA : Code of Conduct
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