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 Blood feud

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Fayla Bloodstone
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Blood Mistress
Fayla Bloodstone

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MessageSujet: Blood feud   Blood feud Icon_minitimeDim Nov 23, 2008 11:14 am

The way i see Blood Raiders is that they are constantly biding for power over the other in their hierarchy. At some point, the factions within the covenant will reach a stalemate, in which the "Blood Laws" will not be abide by both parties. No law can stop a person from being ambition and seeking to control all of the Blood Raiders asset.

"Blood Feud" is the term i use to describe their system or ritual of having a sanctioned war within their cult, yet not to plunge the society into a civil war. Technically, no one is obligated to declare a Blood Feud, especially if the the goal is to kill the current head leader of the Blood Raiders Covenant.

Once declared, the head leader can acknowledge the feud or not. By having the Blood Feud acknowledged, all the Blood Raider members will view this fight as a blessed moment in their history. In which, they had purged the weak from their rank and restored the power from fading.

The Blood Feud can be made in single combat, but rarely happen to people with higher power. Many rival leaders prefer to display their power by: 1) Naval, 2) Follower and Political Battle.
Naval Battle: By having a Naval battle in space, the leader is trying to display his financial assets within the Covenant. From this display, it reveal that he or she is capable of acquiring the needed materials, which is needed to wage a war against its enemy.
Follower Battle: The battle is wage by the amount of followers that he or she has under their control. These members are thrown into battle as either: spy, assassin, or soldier.
--Spy: Having a spy follower display the person of having a ear in the affair of everyone and those in the empire even. It help assure the members that their leader know what the enemy plan are and allow for maximum damage to inflict.
--Assassin: If a leader is assassinated, he fail as a leader since he cannot protect him or her self.
--Soldier: There are some battle that require many blood to be spill to achieve. Nothing express more on their belief than a bloody battle, where a field or hallway is cover in blood. This is the primary mean of display the amount of follower, which reveal the influence that a person has on the people.
Politic Battle: In the blood feud, one must not display themselves weak, otherwise, it will weaken the hold of the hierarchy. other rival faction that did not take part in a Blood Fuel, will watch the fight, seek for a weakness to exploit on. For this, the fight will always be a bloody mess. The leader must be cruel and merciless in their bid for power and a place in the Covenant.

From this kind of waging a war, most Blood feud last a year or more, depend on skill the adversary is in the fight. This kind of situation is one reason why a Blood Feud is allowed, so they can drain as much as possible on their resources and be less threatening to the hierarchy, especially to the current head leader of the Blood raiders Covenant.

Overall, most Blood Feud are complex. The agreement in battle between two parties does not mean they cannot have interference from other faction or supporter. All method of waging a war are acceptable, since a strong leader is someone who is capable in using what he or she has at their disposal. Such as Revealing the located of their rival to the empire. Once the feud is over, the winner is evaluated to the position they desire or deserve, and he or she can take possession of what the remaining asset are left of their rival.
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Blood feud
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